Give You A Chance To Learn How To Manage, Plan & Execute Weddings, Concerts, Conferences, Seminars & All Kind Of Events.

Get yourself enrolled in the Work shop of Event Management (Wedding and Parties) Where you will get complete information of how to execute an event and will know ground realities with product details (IN SHORT NO WASTE OF TIME).

By this course you will get to know how to Plan and Execute Wedding Events and Parties with complete hold and covering the flaws if occurred any.

Course Outline:

Planning & Management:

1. What is Wedding Management & Parties
2. Product knowledge
3. Theme Design
4. Flaws Handling and Labor Dealing
5. Stage and Photography
6. Food Management & During Event Scenarios
7. Vendor Problems & Checklist
8. Collection Of Items & Display
9. Package Building
10. Behavior Of Clients